PointEast Limited provides a wide range of client services to many of the world’s most recognizable companies. Below you will find a broad list of our service offerings. If you do not see a service that fits your needs, feel free to contact us.

Batman Roto Figure

Creative Conceptual Design

Bring us your ideas or brainstorm with our experts to bring your products to life.

Product Engineering, Development and Packaging

Detailed outlines of deliverables so you know what your getting. ??

Global Sourcing & Cost Evaluation of Soft and Hard Goods

Our large factory base in the souvenir, collectable and gift industries allows for competitive pricing of high quality consumer products.

Production Management

PointEast ensures on-time delivery of high quality products by constant supervision at the factory level.

On Site Quality Control and Assurance

Our eyes are on the ground to ensure safety and product specs are held to the highest of standards.

Scheduling, Freight Forwarding and Logistics

Our turn-key processes can deliver product to a freight forwarder or direct to warehouse.

Factory Negotiations, Documentation and Accounting

Creating a win-win for everyone while eliminating the stress of paperwork.

Exclusive Direct Retail Merchandise Programs

Ask about how you can utilize our growing network

Licensed and Private Label Product Development

Customizable solutions for any intellectual property model.
Let us be your guide

PointEast will help you through every step of the journey from conception to reality.